Setting Goals

Every property is a financial investment, including your primary residence.  Your residence will change as your needs change.  We ask probing questions to make sure the purchase aligns with your personal goals. 

Inspect the Property

We'll do our due diligence to see if this is the right property for you.  We will then help to gather quotes to address any items found during the transaction.  If we find something that is unsatisfactory we have the chance to negotiate.  If we cannot come to terms with the seller, we can cancel and protect your deposits.  

Plan for Financing

We work diligently to find you something that works with your finances instead of simply what you qualify for.  We work with you to determine your budget and how you will take ownership.  Budget will always be top of mind for us.

Escrow Timeline

We are there for every step of the escrow process.  We diligently keep track of the timelines and keep you up to date on everything you need to know.  We will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable through this process.

Search for a Property

We work with you to understand what you're looking for by scheduling showings to view properties with you or for you.  We will see all the inventory and then help to monitor the market for new listings that fit your needs.  

Signing & Closing

Once all contingencies have been completed and the loan is ready to fund, we will do a final walk through of the property with you to ensure that the condition is as we expected.  We will also be there at signing to help with any questions.

Negotiate Purchase

Brett's favorite part!  We'll do a careful study of the comparable sales and develop our own opinion on valuation.  We will the review the contract with you and develop a negotiation strategy best for you.  

Keys to Your Home

Welcome to your new home!  We care about every single person we help.  Even after closing, we still like to stay in touch and help you celebrate your new home!  Let us help you celebrate!

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