Prepare Home for Sale

We will provide information, advice, and assistance with timely and cost effective ways to prepare your home for sale.  Getting you the most for your home is important to us!

Market Approach

We will provide in depth information and advice on where the market is so you can make the best decision on the listing price for your home.  We then use the market to our advantage and market it to all the right spheres of people.

Declutter & Staging

We offer professional staging for all of our listings!  If full staging cannot be done, we help to declutter and do supplemental staging.  It is essential to set your property apart from others and help possible buyers to envision themselves living in the home and helps to divert them from other possible distractions.


This is the most critical phase of the process, and this is where Brett's business background sets him apart!  Negotiations start even prior to being in escrow, and Brett is heavily involved and fights for everything on your behalf.


Statistics show that videos are becoming exponentially more important to best market a listing.  Potential buyers will view a home online before coming to view in person.  We offer professional videography for 100% of our listings.

Showing Up

We show up at everything on your behalf.  We are there 100% for every showing and we are also there for every inspection at the property during escrow.  We have found being there in person, we can help to sell the property and open it up, as well as being there for inspections gives us a leg up during escrow.

Photography & Matterport

Everyone looks at a property online before deciding to view the property in person.  We hire the best photographers to photograph your property and we will be able to capture all that your house has!  If applicable, we also offer Matterport 3-D Walk Through Services as well.  

Team Approach

When you decide to work with us, you will have the full capabilities of an experienced team of real estate agents and professionals at your disposal!  We stay on top of everything in your escrow and are there for your every step of the way.

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