Manoa Community

About Manoa

Manoa is a valley and a residential area located in the heart of Honolulu.  Manoa is well known for its daily showers and extremely lush vegetation.  Manoa is also well known for its famous hike Manoa Falls in the back of the valley.  Manoa has many beautiful homes that have a lot of old charm, and some are even considered historic homes.  

Manoa Market Place is also in the heart of this town, and features many delicious foods and restaurants (Off The Hook Poke Market, Serg's MExican Food, Andy's Sandwiches, Waipuna Sushi, O-Bok Korean Food, Manoa Sushi, Asia Manoa, and so much more!)  Safeway, Starbucks and Bank of Hawaii are also located in Manoa's town.